recovery mode

  1. M

    Invalid System goes into Recovery mode when opening Second Space

    Since last night, whenever I try to access Second Space the whole system shutdown and reboots showing "Main Menu" (recovery mode). The First Space works normally. I already formatted my device but the error persists. My device is Redmi Note 11 and the MIUI version is 13.0.16. Someone please help me.
  2. F

    New MI11 V13.0.6.0. Bootloop

    hi evryone, since yesterday i habe the problem, that my Mi11 reboot in the recovery mode, dirctly after the system had start. I have no many time to do anything. I have instaled it last week and it worked normal. Have anyone an idea what i can do? Have i do any changes in the settings? (sorry my...
  3. L

    Backup data while my xiaomi redmi note 8 pro is in recovery mode

    My phone got stuck in the recovery mode , but i do not want to wipe data because i do not have a backup , there is any way to backup my data first ?
  4. O

    Mi 8 SE can't access recovery mode MI8_8.6.18_v10-8.1

    Hello everyone I guess I need a bit of help. I was already using a eu rom (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_8.6.18_v10-8.1) and wanted to update to 12. - I updated the twrp (to twrp-3.4.0-0-xmsirius.img) through PowerShell, also tried the previous release (3.1) >>./fastboot.exe flash...
  5. anwarhadi99

    No files in recovery mode>install zip/image

  6. BennybooT

    Locked bootloader and stuck in recovery mode.

    Hi all, TL;DR CC9 Pro (bought in China) stuck in MI Recovery 3.0 and reboot loops back to the recovery screen. Device is locked with the global rom. There is red text on the recovery screen which reads "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device." Does not matter which Mi account I use...
  7. Byness

    [Mi8 SE][Help]Dont accept most fastboot commands

    Hi my name is Ricardo as this is my "story" i have a mi8 se with latest 10.3 stable rom from, and since i installed that rom version, my twrp( that i dont remember the version) stopped working, recovery mode just get stuck um the mi logo and says above " unlocked", but thats not the...
  8. D

    Cant update from 8.7.12 to 8.7.19

    Hi all, I have Xiaomi mi8, unlocked bootloader and i installed EU rom (8.7.12). today, i try to update the rom, i go to About -> and start to download 8.7.19 rom, when it done, i press on install and nothing happened, it just shut down my phone. when i try the process it again, it reboot...
  9. C

    Twrp Recovery Not Loading - Redmi 3 Pro Rebooting Instead

    Hi, I have always been flashing the new weekly ROMs using TWRP 3 in recovery mode. However, this time when I load TWRP and press "Revoery" mi Redmi 3 Pro simply reboots to MIUI. Currently running MIUI 8.3 version 7.4.6 Beta developer ROM. Any advice? Thanks, Chris
  10. A

    Hard Brick Mi5s

    Hello guys! Yesterday i decided to flash an older Global ROM since the new one had Wifi Problems for me. After i successfully flashed it, and tried to reboot it, it did not respond to any actions. The Screen is black, doesn't show a MI logo neither does it show a charging LED anymore. I cant...