redmi 7a

  1. T

    Can I install MIUI12 stable rom even if I already have the stock MIUI12 with Android 10?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hope I'm posting it in the right place. My phone was updated to MIUI12 and Android 10 some weeks ago. I am using the global version of the stock rom but I want to try, however it seems that's based on Android 9, and currently I have Android...
  2. K

    Invalid Homescreen icons bugged

    So, last night my Redmi 7a updated to android 10. After the update, I noticed that the icons were malfunctioning. I thought maybe the themes were outdated, but no themes are actually working. And the icons look so off, as if they're solid JPGs instead of PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The...
  3. kamilkala199600

    Redmi 7A

    When do you plan to release firmware for this device? At least stable.