Can I install MIUI12 stable rom even if I already have the stock MIUI12 with Android 10?


Feb 21, 2021
Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hope I'm posting it in the right place.

My phone was updated to MIUI12 and Android 10 some weeks ago. I am using the global version of the stock rom but I want to try, however it seems that's based on Android 9, and currently I have Android 10, so it's possible to install it anyway?

Other question I have is about the security patches, it seems that Redmi 7A reached its end of life acorrding to this post. Will I continue to receive security updates if I install rom, or its EOL means that there won't be any kind of update in the future?

Here's some info about my device:

2d56fb72-7e41-4685-ba9d-905ffda9fbba.jpg 72af4782-ccdc-4604-8bac-79805143541d.jpg d91f6480-ea3f-4302-8445-7fe4c58a7217.jpg

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Mar 2, 2021
Hi! Yesterday my phone (7A) received the update to MIUI 12 early in the morning. As I had woken up suddenly, I just hit update and let it update as usual. When I truly woke up couple hours later, my phone was on a loop. Boots, shows update screen, goes up to 0.8~1%, freezes, resets. Over and over and over again... Sometimes it goes as high as 15% and one time it went up to 23.99%, and then it completely froze. it's stuck on this percentage.


Oct 26, 2020
For the therfc guy, to install it I recommend removing the file in the zip and you won't get any updates.
And for the dimitri guy, can you get into fastboot mode (Power + Volume -)? If yes, try installing MIUI 12 via MI Flash Pro, just make sure to download the fastboot version of whatever MIUI version you want.