redmi note 13 pro +

  1. D

    HyperOS Incompatibility with Galaxy Watch ?

    Hello, Since 2022 that I had my Galaxy Watch 5 pro working very well with my Redmi Note 10 pro. This year changed to Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus and also everything was working well with MIUI 14. However after upgrade it to HyperOS, the watch disconnects from the phone, is not recognized by the...
  2. pejcaa_

    Why can't I just open video in mediaplayer? (gallery)

    For some reason in past few days i couldn't open videos in gallery anymore because it would automaticlly open Mi Video when I try to open any of my videos on my phone. I tried to go to default apps in Settings>Apps>ManageApps>...>DefaultApps>PlayVideo and change it from MiVideo to gallery or...
  3. C

    New MIUI 14 download manager app messing up Gmail and Google Drive

    I have a Redmit Note 13 Pro+ running MIUI 14 Global 14.0.4 (imported the phone from China). The system's Download app (version can't download any attachments in my main Gmail account. When I click on "download", it shows the "downloading" notification for a splitsecond before...
  4. A

    Redmi note 13 pro + Global vs China version

    Hello, what other differences are there in this phone in the global and Chinese versions? I know that there is a different software and the Chinese version has a 16GB RAM option, and of course the price. Are there any other differences?