Why can't I just open video in mediaplayer? (gallery)


Jun 1, 2024
For some reason in past few days i couldn't open videos in gallery anymore because it would automaticlly open Mi Video when I try to open any of my videos on my phone.
I tried to go to default apps in Settings>Apps>ManageApps>...>DefaultApps>PlayVideo and change it from MiVideo to gallery or something like that but there was only 3 options:
MiVideo, Files and Google photos
So now Im pissed and i use my computer to disable Mi Video as an app hoping that now my videos will open in gallery media player where I used to open them few days ago.
But same problem... At least I got rid off anoying app but now i gotta find the way to normally open videos in gallery insted of Files or google photos.
Anyone had the same problem or knows how to help me?

Video showing the issue ig