redmi note 13 pro plus

  1. pejcaa_

    Why can't I just open video in mediaplayer? (gallery)

    For some reason in past few days i couldn't open videos in gallery anymore because it would automaticlly open Mi Video when I try to open any of my videos on my phone. I tried to go to default apps in Settings>Apps>ManageApps>...>DefaultApps>PlayVideo and change it from MiVideo to gallery or...
  2. D

    Redmi note 13 pro plus China version vs global version

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get some official information about the differences between Redmi note 13 pro plus China version (Global ROM) and betwwen the global version.I know the GLOBAL ROM version has no OTA update. But beyond that, are there any differences in hardware? (In software it is...