redmi note 5

  1. F

    Updating miui on redmi note 5

    Hi, I am using the Redmi Note 5 for quite a while but unfortunately, I recently broke the screen. I didn't want to bother choosing a new model so I bought a new redmi note 5. The problem is it came with miui 10. My current doesn't have a problem updating miui, but the new doesn't detect one I've...
  2. T

    Switching to Stable Global or even though I have ARB-protection

    Hello. I am using 20,6,18 weekly (miui 12.1) and I was wondering if I can go back to miui 11 global (official) even though I have ARB protection or switch to the stable version of MIUI 12.0. In both cases I will be doing a downgrade so ARB will brick my device, don't it? Is it possible...
  3. T

    High RAM consumption

    Hello. I am using MIUI 12.1 Weekly ROM (20.6.18) in Redmi Note 5 pro (dual cam) and it is using between 60 and 75% when Idle so I have 1.5G free of 4. is it normal? when using the official MIUI 11 from Xiaomi i used to have 2 or 2 and something more or ram free.
  4. T

    Copy/paste notes from the internal memory of xiaomi phones

    I recently broke the touchscreen on my Redmi Note 5 running the latest Global ROM and have no control over the phone except over usb cable anymore. I can still access the internal memory over usb and usb debugging is enabled. Is there a way to copy notes (stock MIUI app) from this xiaomi phone...
  5. AndyIreland

    Looks like the LCD screen is going faulty on my Redmi Note 5

    I am writing this on 17th November 2019 and the manufacturers one year warranty runs out on 20th November 2019 , so its cutting it fine but it looks like my LCD screen is starting to fail. out of the blue starting yesterday now when I turn on my Redmi Note 5 (whyred) after about 10 seconds the...
  6. topogrupo

    Redmi Note 5 don't show application notifications when is mobile wired

    My cellphone doesn't show application notifications when is mobile wired, with wifi works fine... how can i fix this, thanks
  7. C

    Phone screen wakes up around once an hour on its own? Help?

    Hi there, I installed the latest stable (OEICNFH) for whyred, and I noticed that after a completely clean install, the phone seems to "wake up" around once an hour as if I touched the home button. I've done another CLEAN flash (wiping everything), and left it there and still it...
  8. A

    New Miui 10 Redmi note 5 bug lockscreen notification

    Hello, I upgraded the system from beta version to stable thinking to fix the bug of the notifications (Whatsapp) in the lockscreen. After the transition to stable, however, I always encountered the same problem and I still do not see any notification regarding the application whatsapp. Doing...
  9. SkJacko

    New [8.9.6] [Redmi Note 5/Pro] Messages problem.

    Can't view or send messages on the messages app, it closes and report an error. It happens every time.
  10. S

    Does ROMs have anti rollback?

    Hello all, I'm on the Redmi Note 5 global (whyred) with anti 4 and would like to know if the ROMs have anti rollback enabled? I am sorry for any inconveniences from asking this. Thank you in advance!
  11. S flashear

    Hola amigos, lo que sucede es que tengo una nota 5 de Redmi con Miui 8.8.2 que es la versión de Miui 10 beta, me gustaría saber si puedo flashear mi teléfono con sin darme problemas antirollback y si me es recomendado
  12. B

    Any changes about camera between xiaomi eu rom vs miui developer rom for redmi note 5 ai?

    Hello bro and sis. I would like to change from miui 10 china dev rom to xiaomi eu rom because I want to have more functions in camera. Redmi note 5 only come with two options in camera manual mode, but I want to take low expoure photos. Thanks.
  13. GKNYM

    MEID 'unknown" on my RN5

    hy i want to share my problem with you so as you can see in title i don't have a MEID number on my phone ! IMEI all ok but for the MEID section i have "unknown" do you have same ? and how to restore this. Thank you
  14. B

    New Google Play Store Not Working

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum so please tell me if there is any missing information you need to know before being able to help me. I just bought a Redmi Note 5, unlocked it, installed " 9.5 stable" and enabled camera2api for a modded *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. Now, my Google Play Store won't open and...
  15. kanem0chi

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a.. Why!?

    I have the Xiaomi RedMi Note 5A.. or should I say.. a kinda strange, but larger Xiaomi RedMi 4X.. but also note that the Xiaomi RedMi Note 4 or RedMi Note 4x that is lower in price and has better specs? Moreover, we have still very similar specs, smaller battery and no-real improvements except...