redmi note 9

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    My redmi note 9 phone is bricked

    Hello, as specified in the title, my redmi note 9 phone has been bricked for the better part of a day now. It's stuck and looping in the fastboot menu, but the logo is completely orange instead of the android that I see on peoples' videos attempting to resolve issues. Holding power and volume up...
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    Redmi Note 9s Bricked and Bootloader Lock

    Hello, I have a device Redmi Note 9s (curtana). It's bricked and stuck in Redmi logo. I can open fastboot mod but the bootloader is lock. I didn't activate my Mi Account in device so I can't unlock bootloader. How can I onluck bootloader or is there any way to flash room without unlock?
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    Invalid MIUI 12.0.9 redmi note 9 freezes

    Hey, I have a redmi note 9 running MIUI 12.0.9 and I have the following issues: 1. Camera app unusable. The app crushes or the phone freezes whenever I try to open the camera. 2. Lock screen get all black at random times. 3. Phone is generally very slow and get stuck/freezes often. This is a...
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Mobile Network

    My Redmi Note 9 keeps using Mobile internet while it is switched off as well as background usage and both apps and system apps have no access to mobile internet. But my device continues to use mobile internet. After using Data Manager it appears that OS services continues to consume mobile...