1. V

    Miui 11 Global Stable Redmi Note 5

    Gentlemen, good afternoon !!! I'm an amateur, so I apologize if the question is innocent, but I wonder if you already have a stable MIUI11 Redmi Note 5 Pro Pro version, I started using Xiaomi. I'm at 3 days and I'm very pleased, it's the best rom ever fired. If anyone can help me by...
  2. kukuyt

    Is it allowed to downgrade on Redmi Note 5 ai with the Xiaomi.eu Stable ROM

    Sorry for the noob question :D Can I Downgrade from 10.3.4 eu Stable to 10.3.2 eu Stable Deivce info: RN5ai 3GB RAM 32GB ROM
  3. L

    step-by-step how to install the MIUI 10 - PIE without losing the data / encryption ?

    Can anyone provide a step-by-step how to install the MIUI 10 - PIE without losing the data? Each one I ask passes me different information and I can not come up with a solution. I am using MIUI 8.1 and I have installed Recovery Oragen Fox 9.0.1. What do I have to do to install MIUI-PIE now...
  4. C

    New problem when downloading update 9.1.10

    When opening the updater application, when clicking on download update I get an error "no updates available" after many attempts, the download but when restarting in recovery does not install it. I'm in version 9.1.3
  5. I

    New [8.9.6][RN5Pro] Mic issue in whassapp/telegram

    Okey so, when i first flashed developper eu, i had the same issue. And depends on the update, sometimes i have it and sometimes not. The problem is the following: My mic recorder works fine, so i dont think its a hardware issue. But when i use the recording option in apps such as whassapp or...