rom rebuild

  1. C

    Does the new rebuild MIUI 14 need play integrity fix?

    Is the new rebuild of the miui 14 need magisk and the play integrity fix?
  2. K

    New Redmi Note 9S USB MTP PC No detect With New Rebuild Rom 14.0.4

    The previous version detected the phone on the PC, I have installed the new rebuild room of this device and I have not been able to make the PC detect the phone, in the recovery (Either Orangefox or TWRP) The phone is detected quietly, so it must be a problem with the new build room
  3. Niccolò

    What's a "ROM Rebuild"?

    Hi! Some minutes ago, I searched some updates for my phone (Poco F2 Pro with the K30Pro's miui from rom) and it says that there is a rom rebuild for the MIUI (the current version). What is a rom rebuild and what am I supposed to do? It's like a normal update or have I...