status bar issue

  1. B

    Status bar icons - doubt

    Good afternoon, community people, Sorry for my ignorance, but do you know what these 2 icons are about in the status bar of my device? (attached) One of them looks like something related to an update or something, but I can't find any pending updates. The other referring to Google, also do not...
  2. SirKekSias

    Invalid 9.9.27 Mi8: Czech language shows smaller clock in status bar than other languages

    Device: Mi 8 MIUI: 9.9.27 v2 Czech language shows smaller/thinner clock than other languages (e.g. English UK). The main problem is that it is harder to read when used outside in bright sun and as I am wearing glasses too the clock is almost unreadable in these conditions (the font thickness is...
  3. S

    Do You Like Search In Statusbar/notifications

    What is your opinion?
  4. M

    Issue With Status Bar When Using Google Calendar And Default Theme

    Status bar background and text is white, so I can not see status bar text and icons using Google calendar version 5.6.8 and default theme (Ocean breeze). Does any body have same issue / problems? Using MI4 lte (2GB/16GB) and dev rom (curenttly 6.12.8. but issue is present for ages).