1. N

    redmi note 8 pro, mobile network issue with transmitter

    My phone is redmi note 8 pro. My office building has a t-mobile transmitter inside which cause my phone to automaticly select network as T-mobile, despite having the option "Automatically select network" disabled. I have a sim card from virgin mobile and as a result I cannot use mobile internet...
  2. Bluebrain

    New MIUI 11: config missing for VoWiFi on T-Mobile Austria

    After several hours of testing, I came to the conclusion that there must be some configuration data be missing for VoWiFi on T-Mobile Austria. mi 9T Pro MIUI 11.0.5 (xiaomi.eu) VoLTE works(! even though no icon is displayed) VoWiFi does not work with my T-Mobile AT SIM-card, but works with an...