1. S

    Planning to buy a Mi11 Pro (Chinese) asking for feeback

    I've seen the same question but dated way back so I'd like to ask again here for updated feebacks: I'm thinking to buy a Mi 11 Pro in china (I understand it was never launched in global version) then unlock it and flash xiaomi.eu rom on it Can some actual owner recommend it? Comment on the...
  2. B

    New 5G with Mi 11 (CN-Version)

    Hello i have a problem with my Mi 11. I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the stable MIUI from here. (MIUI with MIUI 21.2.24 Beta have i the Bug too. With the original China Rom I have 5G. I am receiving absolutely no 5G. I also tried to force my smartphone to use it...
  3. S

    battery icon when charge

    The icon looks strange when is charging !!! Thanks for the ROM 9.5.9!!!
  4. MiQuenDroid

    How To Be A Tester For Xiaomi.eu ??

    Hello, I use your ROM since a year and I want help you for testing your ROM. I'm French and I have a Mi4c. It's possible ? @ingbrzy Thanks ;)
  5. A

    "test" Notification In All My Mi Devices

    I suddenly got a notification today, both on my MI3 and MIPad2, just saying that: test. It seems to come from the MI browser (the notification icon is the purple one for the browser), but I don't even use that for browsing the internet. Anyone with a similar case? Should I be worried? Should I...
  6. V

    Can I Get A Backup Copy Of Miui 6?

    Dear all, I am noticing that in the weekly releases page there is no working link for MIUI 6, has anybody kept a copy of a release earlier than 5.6.25? I'd appreciate any help to retrieve it.
  7. H

    Gps Problem

    Hi, I cant get any fix on my location on the Redmi 3, tried everyting with 3 different roms(came with some multilangual china rom "muiu 77.*", flashed to stock china 7.2.7m and now xiaomi EU V7.1.3.0) . I found that you can boot to recovery (vol up + power) and go to "PCBA test" and test the...