1. B

    No translation on Updater.apk

    It still shows Updater , instead of Ενημερώση . I tryied to edit through github but is not showing any options.
  2. I

    IH Rice Cooker - Custom temperature

    Hey! I just recently bought Rice Cooker, unfortunately this was impulsive idea and I do not read any reviews. Is there any chance that Xiaomi'll translate recipes available in app? (I change country to Mainland and city to Shanghai but it's hard to use for longer period of time.) Or maybe are...
  3. bentezhniy

    Looking for translators | Шукаю перекладачів

    Hello! I am looking for enthusiasts who want to participate in translating MIUI into Ukrainian. It is not difficult, the main thing is to have the desire, time and a computer. If you are interested, write here in the answers, or find me in Telegram - bentezhniy Привіт! Я шукаю ентузіастів, які...
  4. A


    Hello, EU community. I am Bahram Bakhtiyar from Azerbaijan. I'd be glad I was able to help you to translate EU ROM into Azerbaijani. How can I do this translation stuff? Whom do I have to contact with?
  5. Whateveristic

    Invalid There is Something wrong with Translatinon

    I will just put the screenshot
  6. B

    Invalid Bad translations in french

    Hello, I'm on 9.3.28 and I found a lot of bad translation in all the OS... Can you reactivate modification for french translations ? (MB => Mo; Explore new features => Découvrez de nouvelles fonctionnalités ; and a lot more)
  7. T

    New Translation missed

    Hello, I saw a translation the MIUI eu guys have missed. It's in Settings > Battery > Optimisation. I believe it is something connected to the fingerprint and it is in Chinese. Here's a screenshot. I am on Poco F1, 8.11.23 EU.
  8. bentezhniy

    Ukrainian translation

    Hi guys! Recently I installed rom on my phone. I really liked it (a lot of thanks for your work)! But, unfortunately, the Ukrainian translation is not perfect: there are errors in words or lack of translation. I used to be an interpreter in one project. I have a Ukrainian language...
  9. lobianco

    New Portuguese Brasil - Translation

    When the language is set to Portuguese Brasil, the translation is Portuguese Portugal, even showing in the settings Português Brasil.
  10. abhis3k

    [ask] Adding English-india And Bengali To The Language List

    Hello, I've been looking to add translations for Bengali-India and English-India to ROMs Locale Language Code LCID string LCID Decimal LCID Hexadecimal Codepage English - India en en-in 16393 4009 1252 Bengali - India bn bn 1093 445 1251 I am using the guides for...
  11. Ida Bagus Jaya Sukarya

    How To Contribute To Multi Language Project?

    Hello guys, I just wanted to know how to contribute for Multi Language project because my language isn't available currently, I'm interested to join so I'll be able to help you guys translating MIUI for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). Thank you :) Any replies will be...