1. Toriga

    MIUI 11 9.10.10 or STABLE?

    I installed the 9.9.27 days ago in my MI 9. But there are big bugs, like the picture in picture and "OK Google" dont work and other little things. Now there are the new versions. What versions do you advice to me? The stable or the 9.10.10, how many differences there are? How many bugs, what rom...
  2. vlachorumsapiens

    Google-Camera 7 for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Redmi Note 7 Pro is one of the best mid-range camera-smartphones money can buy. Its Sony IMX586 sensor is capable of delivering amazing photos even in the most difficult lighting conditions, and with the help of Google-Camera we can achieve astonishing results thanks to its superior image...
  3. J

    Global ROM vs Global Version

    Looking to buy Mi8, which one should i select? I live in Europe and i need B20 for 4G to work, besides that what are the differences between these 2 ? Couldn't find a straight answer on google
  4. S

    How To Flash .eu Rom On My Redmi Pro With Fake Rom Via Ubuntu (linux)

    Hey guys, I own a redmi pro with a fake stable global rom. I would like to have an official rom. I only use the English language in my phone and need google apps. I understand that China Dev rom would be an oke choice. But also i understand that for an .EU rom you first need to get a China Dev...
  5. dogiex

    Redmi Note 4x (mido) Screen On Time Tests

    Screen on Time Tests Device: Redmi Note 4X Global Edition with LTE B20 (800MHz) support 3Gb ram, 32Gb rom, color Gold. App used: PCMark for Android Benchmark Test used: Work 2.0 battery life Apps installed: Factory reset and only PCMark for Android Benchmark app. Test #1: Rom used: Global...
  6. M

    Protectives For Rn3pro Kate

    Hello! I wonder if anyone found already any protective covers and tempered glass for Redmi Note 3 Pro Kate which happens to be 2mm taller than standard Kenzo version. I know that is offering bunch of these but they don't ship outside Taiwan >.< I need a reseller with international...
  7. Enxuccio

    Please Help - Update 6.1.21 To A Newer Version

    Hi to everyone. I was at version 6.1.21 and would like to update it. I would like to understand: 1) What is the latest version for my phone? (And where to find it?) 2) Do you want to recommend? (I read of wifi problems) 3) Can I install it directly from the version that I have? 4) Can I KEEP...
  8. L

    Confused With Versions

    I´m looking for the MI4 ROM (cancro) but I don´t understand what means the versions in the file name. In the stable branch I can see I suppose that is the original MIUI version. That´s rigth? And what is the second version 7-6.0? And...