1. D

    Possible to unlock BL on non-logged phone with only fastboot working?

    Hello and welcome all community. I got phone to recover, but faced problem with locked bootloader. Model is Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred). Phone is stuck on Mi logo, only thing working is Fastboot. Recovery partition exists (fastboot getvar all shows ext4 on it) but not booting. Tried flashing...
  2. T

    Switching to Stable Global or Xiaomi.eu even though I have ARB-protection

    Hello. I am using 20,6,18 weekly (miui 12.1) and I was wondering if I can go back to miui 11 global (official) even though I have ARB protection or switch to the stable version of xiaomi.eu MIUI 12.0. In both cases I will be doing a downgrade so ARB will brick my device, don't it? Is it possible...
  3. E

    New Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred - problem with notifications MIUI 12 20.5.14

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with notifications since the last MIUI 12 update. I was hoping that this new update will fix the error, however I don't see that they have fixed notification issues. The same thing happens to someone else? The notification appears, but the text is not visible...
  4. T

    New [whyred] No sound with bluetooth earphones

    Hi, when I connect my bluetooth earphones, there is no sound. The only way to "fix" that is changing the bluetooth codec in developer options to another one and changing again to the previous one. This bug happens in the last weekly.
  5. AndyIreland

    Looks like the LCD screen is going faulty on my Redmi Note 5

    I am writing this on 17th November 2019 and the manufacturers one year warranty runs out on 20th November 2019 , so its cutting it fine but it looks like my LCD screen is starting to fail. out of the blue starting yesterday now when I turn on my Redmi Note 5 (whyred) after about 10 seconds the...
  6. the4anoni

    New [9.10.31] [WHYRED] Every reboot problem with something similar to blue light filter (?)

    Hello I have problem on latest 9.10.31. Every reboot I feel like blue light filter activates by itself, the colors are much darker. After I lock and unlock screen problem is gone to next reboot. Can't make ss, because this isn't visible on screenshot.... And no, this isn't about auto brightness.
  7. kevols

    9.9.26 is good for whyred?

    any suggestions or comments about miui 11 on your redmi note 5? i want to try it. thanks
  8. kukuyt

    Is it allowed to downgrade on Redmi Note 5 ai with the Xiaomi.eu Stable ROM

    Sorry for the noob question :D Can I Downgrade from 10.3.4 eu Stable to 10.3.2 eu Stable Deivce info: RN5ai 3GB RAM 32GB ROM
  9. B

    Xiaomi redmi note 5 AI (WHYRED) MIUI 11

    Hello guys, Does anyone have any idea or a confirmation about the update for Whyred to MIUI 11 ? & also does this phone will get the Android Q update ? Thanks for your interaction!
  10. the4anoni

    Invalid [9.3.28 and never] [WHYRED] [Redmi Note 5 (Pro)] Boot screen (splash.img) stretched

    Hello Like in topic. Boot screen is stretched vertically. I am talking about screen where is that Unlocked icon.
  11. D

    Fonts Clock

    Hello, I have a question, because the font of the clock in xiaomi eu is not bold and it seems different from the Chinese and global. I'm using the default theme. EU GLOBAL / CHINA
  12. E

    New Bluetooth Whyred

    Well it turns out that I use the automatic actions at night to save battery, and among the modifications is to turn off the bluetooth. What happens is that afterwards, the bluetooth does not turn on, I have to restart the mobile so that it works again, I am in beta 9.2.21 with the whyred device...
  13. E

    New Native Calendar, whyred

    I think I've found a BUG, let me explain: Device: xiaomi redmi note 5 pro (whyred) rom: MIUI by xiaomi.eu 10.0 | Stable Using the native calendar, if I add any event, it obviously shows in the Guide of homepage the daily events. The bug is, that, if i create or edit any event...
  14. D

    [Whyred/Redmi Note 5 Pro] Do the Xiaomi.eu ROMs trigger anti-rollback?

    Hi. I recently bought a whyred device and didn't really know about the anti-rollback thing. So my phone updated to the Global Stable ROM that triggers anti-rollback. My bootloader is still locked at the moment, but I'll unlock it today. (I had a waiting period.) My questions are simple. 1...