1. J

    Fix for non-clickable widgets

    Fix for non-clickable widgets After the latest Xiaomi firmware updates, a number of my homescreen widgets today would no longer respond when tapped. Extremely annoying. I could now fix this by explicitly giving the permission "Display pop-up windows while running in the background". For example...
  2. Tuchy32

    Widgets On Home Screen

    Hello, first I want to thank you for the work you do here. Will there ever be an update for mipad3 where you can put the widgets on the home screen? I do not understand why they are like that. Thank you so much for everything
  3. thedodo

    Widget Problem?

    Since 7.4.6 I'm unable to add non miui Widgets, they are not selectable any more.. Anyone else notices that?
  4. H

    New Bug In Themes App.

    Greetings. If download some widget from any place and import it to themes APP. It imports OK, preview Ok, but after aplly - nothings happen. I tryed 4 widgets and 3 were with same problem Step by step, i download MTZ file: Next i choose my widget BigClock_Standart.mtz Preview is fine But...
  5. KnightNZ

    Disappearing Widgets

    Not sure if this is a ROM issue, or a launcher issue, although I don't have the problem with using Cyanogenmod, but when using Action Launcher, the widgets I add disappear after a reboot. The objects are still on the homescreen but they're invisible. I have to remove the invisible widgets before...