DigiCal widgets can't be created on homescreen


Jun 15, 2019

I'm using the latest HyperOS beta release for mondrian ( When I'm trying to create a widged there none from digical available on the list. All I'm getting is some app vault shortcuts, weather app ones, some clocks, and at the bottom a section with "Apps with widget support", but I can see only xiaomi apps in there, none form other vendors (like aquamail, authy, google, etc).

If it was only for this one app, I would thing maybe they didn't do a good enough job with Android 14 support, but since I can't see any non-xiaomi widgets there, I'm guessing either I'm doing some stupid mistake, or HyperOS has a problem.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

ok, I managed to find those "other" widgets. For anyone also looking for them: widgets -> Apps with widget support (All) -> Android widgets

I consider this thread closed.