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  1. L

    New Bluetooth Connectivity Problem, Poco X3 NFC to Windows 10

    So I tried to connect my X3 to my PC but it fails everytime with the notification on my phone that the pairing was unsuccesfull because of non matching PINs, on my PC it shows that the pairing was succesfull but I can't establish a connection. I already tried to turn on and off bluetooth...
  2. S

    How to browse all images on my phone from the computer?

    Sometimes I connect my Mi8 phone to the computer (Windows 10, through USB) to browse the pictures I have shot and decide which ones to move the computer. But when I open one of the pictures with any Windows image viewer the program is only aware of that picture, I'm unable to scroll to the next...
  3. B

    Unable to connect to PC via USB

    Hi guys, I don't know why, but I can't connect my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 to any of my laptop/desktop via USB to transfer files, and I tried different solutions: install Qualcomm and Google drivers; activate debug mode and default USB settings. When I connect, it starts charging but that's all that...
  4. seaeyes

    How To Install Windows 10 On Mipad2?

    Bootloader is unlocked and is already rooted. Yes, it is 64 GB variant currently with .EU rom
  5. C

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Tutorial Cambiar Idioma ( Change Language ) & Re Install Win 10