How to browse all images on my phone from the computer?


Aug 11, 2014
Sometimes I connect my Mi8 phone to the computer (Windows 10, through USB) to browse the pictures I have shot and decide which ones to move the computer.
But when I open one of the pictures with any Windows image viewer the program is only aware of that picture, I'm unable to scroll to the next one (stored on the phone) using the keyboard nor the mouse, I need to close the image viewer and manually open another picture again.

If I first copy all the pictures on that phone folder to my computer then I can open one of them with the image viewer and scroll to the following ones. But I would prefer not needing to copy the whole folder every time.

It seems as if the phone only serves the picture you just opened, it doesn't pass information on the next ones to Windows. Maybe MIUI needs to add a thumbnail or more information.

Is there any way to solve this problem?
Can I ask for this feature to be added, please?