w/o wipe

  1. jhuylebroeck

    Does unlocking + flashing wipe my data?

    I have been waiting long enough now to activate my unlock on my Xiaomi Mi9 SE. I'm looking forward to doing so, but I have a ton of downloaded podcasts and pictures that I migrated from my previous phone. Will the downloads be deleted because of an unlock, or will the still be there, waiting for...
  2. L

    Migratinon From Decuro Rom (w/o Data Wipe)

    Hi @all, this is a tiny guide how to avoid data partition wiping on a rom-exchange. This works well in my case (from Android 5.0 -> 5.0; MIUI v7 -> v8). What I have before: A Redmi Note 2 32GiB version with installed latest decuro Rom (miuidecuro_HMNote2_5.11.26_5.0.zip) and original recovery...