xiaomi 13 ultra

  1. C


    Good day, just to ask about your user experience which rom you consider better on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra MIUI.Eu or HyperOS.Eu. Thank you for your attention
  2. croatan

    When can we expect a stable version of MIUI for Xiaomi 13 Ultra (ISHTAR)?

    Hey team, Thank you for all the effort you put in developing new versions. I am wondering when could we expect new stable version of MIUI 14 - ISHTAR? for Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Have seen there is Hyper OS recently released and not sure if I should go with it, or wait for the stable version of MIUI...
  3. S

    New Xiaomi 13 ultra HyperOS dual apps

    after dual intagram app was created i'd two new icons on desktop: dual play store and dual instagram. But when i try to launch one of it i've got an error: "Can't start launcher"
  4. S

    Xiaomi 13 Ultra - CN version

    Hi guys, I'm new in the forum and have been reading different threads since a couple of days. Here is my topic, I just bought a Xiaomi Ultra 13, seller did mention that ROM was global but never clarified that phone was CN. I cannot return it as I'm not longer near the place where I bought so I...
  5. D

    Help: Rooting Xiaomi 13 Ultra (ishtar) on HyperOS

    Greetings everyone. Yesterday I was greeted with the update prompt even though my device has an unlocked bootrom (which is strange considering Xiaomi said it won't work on unlocked devices) but I did it anyway. Device works normally plafter the update but I obviously lost root access and TWRP...
  6. FallenPixel

    New Xiaomi 13 Ultra Periodic Lagging, Crashing + Sensor Issue

    Currently running MIUI Stable 14.0.13 with the 12.05 google pay fix. Trying to download 14.0.20 stable but it's difficult as the phone keeps crashing. I've deleted google play data multiple times. Auto-rotate does not work most of the time, neither does the compass. Do I have to go through a...
  7. A

    Xiaomi 13 ultra google play issue

    Hello, I have mi 13 ultra on global rom 14.0.2 (TMAMIXM), im not able to buy any paid app or do premium subscription for any app through google play! at payment step google play shows to me an error message (something went wrong, Your transaction can't be completed. please visit the help center...
  8. mrronjozi

    So I'm conflicted between getting the Xiaomi 13Ultra Global Version.

    So please I need the gurus in this field to answer this. I want to buy the Xiaomi 13 ultra global rom on Aliexpress but the sellers aren't giving me straight forward answer. I'm aware they'll unlock bootloader and flash the global rom but then I asked. When an update to the rom comes will I...
  9. Geo Mi World

    Xiaomi 13 Ultra - Problem with TWRP

    Hello guys, Yesterday I tried to flash the TWRP recovery for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra : https://sourceforge.net/projects/recovery-for-xiaomi-devices/files/ishtar/twrp-3.7.0_12-v7.8_A13-ishtar-skkk.img/download But I had a fastboot bootloop after installing it. I tried the 3 methods but...