xiaomi mi 9 se

  1. Q

    Phone does not react when charged to 100 %

    Hello, I have Mi 9 SE and recently I have encountered quite annoying issue. Once I charge the phone to more than 95 %, the phone stops to react for wake up with power button and double tap to wake as well, it just freezes. However the phone is not completelly freezed cause once I connect the...
  2. A

    New Fingerprint not working with Xiaomi.eu rom

    I have installed on my xiaomi mi 9se to the latest sable version (V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM). Before there was the cinese rom (MIUI 10 on it). First I tried the fingerprint scanner with the chinese rom (miu 10) everything worked fine and smooth! But with the xiaomi.eu rom the fingers aren't even scanned...