Phone does not react when charged to 100 %


Dec 30, 2021

I have Mi 9 SE and recently I have encountered quite annoying issue. Once I charge the phone to more than 95 %, the phone stops to react for wake up with power button and double tap to wake as well, it just freezes. However the phone is not completelly freezed cause once I connect the charge again, the screen lights up and it is possible to use the phone as usually. However after some time the screen is turned off (aprox. 30-60 seconds) the issue occures again. It is also possible to restart the phone with long press of power button, but it doesn't solve the issue. Moreover when this happens, other person can call me - it rings on their side, but my phone is completely quiet and neither missed call is shown after the phone is waked up (using charger).

Once the battery level is below 95 % (or maybe even less, it is really strange behaviour and quite difficult to replicate and find out the exact conditions), the phone reacts without any issues.

Since the phone is running out of official support I have decided to switch to ROM (I thought it might be a SW related issue) but it did not help either.

Any ideas what this might be caused by? The phone is still under warranty so I would claim it if no other choice.

Thank you for you help in advance.