[0.12.3] high battery usage


Dec 2, 2010
We are getting a lot of reports of unusually high battery usage for 0.12.3 on the Whirlpool MIUI-Au forum. Eg:
"Hmmmm I can add myself to the ones that have big batt drain issues I guess.
Im pretty sure i had about 50% left before i went to sleep, and i woke up and it says put it to the charger (9% left).."

"Lost 30% overnight. Its something to do with the last couple of builds because it was great before."

"Hi, having reset the battery state it looks like I am having really bad battery drain issues. I think I may have to do a full wipe and cache reset and then re-install the latest MIUI ROM. I am using baseband version"

"I'm also having some major battery life issues since moving from Tmod to MIUI. The battery also gets VERY warm when charging and seems to take a very very long time (to charge). Ran flat overnight from 22% charge (everything off except 3G). "

"Yes, same here. Lost about 30-40% of battery overnight, but no app seemed to be keeping it awake. It just said the the system was on this whole time. Definitely doesn't seem like an issue the user can easily fix."


Nov 27, 2010
I can confirm high battery usage with 12.03 on a Desire. Approx. 30% to 40% loss overnight.


Nov 7, 2010
I'm having the same issue I just order 3200mah battery n1

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