1.10.8 update


Oct 9, 2011
i have downloaded this update twice from the update utility on my HD2 and it will not let me install the update at all,

on my update screen it tells me the update is there, if i click "New version found" it takes me to your webpage and says in a pop up on my phone "you can manually install the update from SD Card for downloaded_rom/miuiandroid_HD2-1.10.8.zip" but the only options are to "power off" or "apply later"

if i click "update" on the update page then it checks file integrity of the update i downloaded by verifying the MD5 Checksum and then it disappears and nothing happens.

How the heck do i get this update to install?
slight problem, how exactly do i get to recovery mode? i searched everwhere and the can't find how to do it lol
ok just checked the steps on the official miui site that i followed when first installing the rom and it appears that clock recovery has uninstalled itself unless you have to follow the install steps via usb flasher everytime you need to use recovery :/