1.2.11 update...Issue's i'm having


Feb 15, 2011
Let me just say first that MIUI is so far the best ROM I've used that has been customized, all the rest to me might as well just be launchers. But onto the point of my post......the latest update has been giving me some issues

*-Pictures in the stock Messenger are not getting sent nor being received, just goes through the motions like it's going to do it but never does

*-LOTS of force closes, generally only when I install a new app, and generally is resolved after using ROM manager's "fix permissions" option, but very annoying

*-When I'm in a call and want to turn Bluetooth on from within the dialer it won't work

-Are then ever going to add a delay to when the screen lock actually activates? Kind of annoying I usually like to set mine to a 5 minute delay.

*-MIUI camera and Gallery, although I like them both better, have issues with FC and just freezing

-Can I really not upload multiple pictures to FB at one time?? Kinda was shocked when I discovered that one??

-Theme Downloader doesn't like to work, and when I use Theme manager it loads what it seems like it wants to load, not what is actually in the file.??

Like I said, having some issues....none of them are primary fuctions of the phone so no real biggie.....The one's with stars have been since this update only, all others have been since i've been using it.

HTC Droid Incredible
MIUI ROM 1.2.11
ROOT enabled (duh)