1.4.22 battery drain


Nov 18, 2010
Is anyone else having very poor battery life with the new miui build 1.4.22 ?

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You're complaining about battery life for a ROM that hasn't even been out for 24 hours? Are you serious?

/forehead slap
You're complaining about battery life for a ROM that hasn't even been out for 24 hours? Are you serious?

/forehead slap

Are u serious ?
I'm not complaining I'm asking a question and if your not gonna answer properly you don't have to post
It doesn't take 24 hours to notice battery drain , if I charged my phone and used it lightly and one hour later its down to. 68% thats all I need to know that something is wrong aaaaand I'm not even blaming the rom thats why im asking !

I would love to see u try n slap my forehead

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#1 Yes, it does take more than 24 hours to evaluate battery drain.

You just flashed a new ROM, unless you do a flash at exactly 100% battery, then you more than likely screwed the battery calibration (batterystats.bin); meaning you'll have to recalibrate your battery in order to even evaluate battery drain on any serious level.

#2 I'm slapping my own forehead at just how silly and repetitive this very thread subject has become; a little search on the forums would have provided the necessary info you were looking for.



I can find more if you'd like, but this should be more than enough to prove my point.
What exactly is the point you are trying to prove ? Is it that I'm complaining is it that it takes more than 24 hour's to notice bad battery life ? Or how much of a prick you can be ?

#1 this is the first time I have come across this issue right after updating to a newly released build.
#2 every single friday I flash the update I fully charge my phone then turn it off put it to charge again till the light is green then I turn the phone on wait for it to drop 2% then turn it off and charge till light is green then I wipe battery stats

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I flashed a different kernel and I also hadn't noticed I had gps on this whole time so tht might have something to do with the drain I'm getting much better battery life and I also noticed tht this this build has awesome recharge speed

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Not to break up this marvelous fight, but what kernel did you flash exactly? Thanks.

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