1.6.3 Hot reboot on "third party access"


Nov 19, 2010
Desire HD. If I activate Settings - Common - Call settings - Third party access (call monitor) phone will hot reboot on the next call (just hit Call in contact).
Tried with htc desire gsm and I couldn't replicate the issue.
Do you update from old releases or do a clean install? As I mentioned, if this option is ON, the system asks to allow or deny access, if you hit "Allow" on the previous build you may avoid this bug. I think it appears on that message (allow or deny), do you got that message then you tried to replicate the issue?

Sorry for my English :)
Same bug on the new version (1,6,10)... Mark, please, have a look, it's a translation issue, Chinese version doesn't have that bug. I think it is on the popup window, for granting rights for call
I have the same issue on my Desire GSM, either with 1.6.3 or 1.6.10.

I cannot use Vlingo because, when it tries to open Phone to make a call, the device reboots.
Nothing changes even if I have the Third Party flag checked.

I hope it will be fixed soon.
Temporary solution is to flash chinese rom, make a first call and flash the language pack again