1.8.5 lockscreen show call-sms for 1 second

No such issue here by using default lockscreen and custom lockscreen.... im on htc hd2 with Magdlr too.

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i mean when you press the phone/sms icons in the lockscreen, the informations are shown for 1 second only, it's a bug
I got reply from the CN dev team about this and also the non-working photoframe widgets. So hopefully in a release or 2 this will be fixed :)
Its not a bug, my default locks creen has that bug but I'm using delor lockscreen fromm online lockscreen and works perfectly
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I have a very strong feeling it will be fixed tomorrow....
But don't ask for more details :)

roenano do you know where to find the xml or whatever file that contains the code to show that previews on the lockscreen. sorry just wondering