[1.8.5] WIFI problem on Dinc


Jan 27, 2011
My wifi will not turn on, keeps saying error. I did a fresh install, wiped everything. I have rebooted the phone but turning on wifi still says error. I'm using the Dinc
I second that, same issue on my Dinc. Was fine in 1.7.29 and 1.8.5 from miui.us (found that the 1.8.5 miui.us version was not as responsive in some cases).

MIUIAndroid 1.8.5, My baseband version is
Kernel version is Sat Apr 30 12:18:09 PDT
Hey dudes go check out the ROM thread I just posted here. It has a link to the wifi fix. Somehow I forgot to include the driver this week (doh!)