1.9.23 DroidX does a factory reset on every single phone reboot


Oct 3, 2011
Edit: I fixed my problem. I think I somehow installed it to my system memory instead of the hard drive, sort of like running a Linux LiveCD.

Hey guys. I flashed this wonderful ROM over GB 2.3.5, rooted with the 1click Droid root Windows program. It works completely fine besides the Torch app, which actually worked the first time I booted my phone. I had to reboot my phone for something, and when I turned it back on, it had done a factory reset. I had to call in to activate my phone again and everything. I tested it again later that day and still had the problem. My phone is currently active, but I haven't bothered customizing it or anything because of this problem. I would love to continue running MIUI because I think it's a great ROM, wonderful performance on my device and awesome features/GUI, but this problem will be a deal breaker for me if there's no fix. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.