1.9.23: USB Tethering not working

Sep 24, 2011
Updated from 1.9.16 to 1.9.23 and usb teathering stopped working.

Device HTC Desire
Dalvik and cache partitions are wiped.

Anyone else to confirm this as a bug?

edit: type-o
Sep 18, 2011
I can cfm as +1
Both USB tethering and Portable wi-fi hotspot are not working.
(also wiped cache, dalvik cache and fixed permissions before update)

also there are some other issues that i have found, hope they all measured in upcoming weeks' updates;
- MIUI music app does not see external-sd
- Sim card contacts now available, but there is no option to copy a contact to sim
- Calendar app always launches in 'agenda' view, no possibility to choose default view.
- There is not "select all" option in e-mail app (multiple selection is possible though, then even you can see "deselect all" but no "select all" at all)
- Not sure if this is related to MIUI but; some widgets are reset on each boot. For example, Fancy widgets and GoWeather loose changed settings and skin customizations.
Hope these are to be fixed in nex uptae.
May 23, 2011
Confirm on Nexus One too. back to the previous build at this moment. try PDAnet, it works on mine.
Hopefully will get something exciting on this coming Friday.
+ battery draining is faster with this build. even with juice defender.