12.1.5 stable Rom boots up - black screen 20 seconds - then starts up without me doing anything is it normal how can i fix (w logs)


Dec 11, 2020
phone boots up go black then after 20 seconds is back to the home screen and works perfect. can happen randomly at anytime.

I did a clean install of stable Xiaomi eu rom 12.1.5 on piccaso redmi k30 5g.
how I installed, through twrp3.4.2 b wzsx150

1. format data
2. wipe cach, dalvik,internal storage and data
3 install ROM Through USB- otg via usb
4 once loaded wipe dalvik and cache
5 reboot to twrp and Format data
6 reboot into system

I keep having boot up issues once rom is installed, was wondering if I am doing it right and what I can do to have smooth bootup. logs attached from bootup resets

phone not rooted.


  • adb log.txt
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