21.9.8 a very stable, enhanced version for k30 5g


Mar 29, 2021
i have been installing rom for my k30 5g almost weekly but this is by far the most stable, fast, enhanced version ( 21.9.8)
as it added the memory extension feature for the first time on this device. Other than that it restored the FM radio and overall my phone is a bit more faster than before.

i say i install weekly roms almost weekly because i read on the update info first i analyze if i need the improvements or upgraded app version, etc. if it's just a minor update i skip it. but if it is feature pack with a lot of bug fixes specially security update i install it.

i hope others read the update info carefully.

thanks a lot to the devs, moderator, admin of xiaomi.eu for keeping this site for bringing us up to date devices. keep it up!!! hats off!!!