New 3.4.19 HTC Desire HD - MIUI-Apps missing, can't download Themes

Apr 28, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have come across a weird problem with my mobile phone and I could not find a way to solve it for the last few hours. I have ultimately come to the conclusion that I must have stepped on a bug (and now it's sticking to my shoe and I have a stain on my carpet...damn you, bug!!)

What I did before I noticed the bug:
I flashed the (then) new ROM 3.4.19 MIUI ROM that I downloaded from this site. After booting it up and creating a Xiaomi account (I did not verify it until later) I rebooted and flashed the gapps. So far so good, but I first noticed errors when I could not add an account for google via the settings. A reboot helped and so I ignored that. Then I went on with my business and edited my settings, imported my contacts, installed exactly 2 apps from the play store. Now I notice that some features from MIUI are missing or are simply not working.

What is wrong:
MIUI Backup features are missing completely
Themes cannot be downloaded
Some other MIUI apps appear to be missing

What I tried so far to solve it:
I did retry to reboot the phone a couple of times. That's it. I would not mind flashing the ROM again, but only if I really have to and only if there really is a chance that this will fix the problem.

If anyone has had similar problems and was able to solve it, or if anyone has any ideas on how I can try to fix this, please reply. I'd really appreciate it.
Also, if any information, such as logs or things like that are needed, just tell me and I'll try to get them.

Thank you in advance,