3 questions

Pavel Macoun

Mar 4, 2012
Hi, I'd like to ask you 3 questions:

1. Is it anyhow possible to hide one or more contact group from the contact list? I don't want to delete a group from gmail, but I don't want it visible in my phone...

2. Is there any way to remove diacritics from the newly created sms message before sending in the default sms application? (this feature is available in handcent sms, but I'd like to use the default sms app...)

3. Is it a bug or feature that when I disable the data (by the toggles icon) and open e.g. Google maps - the data is turned on... I really hate this behaviour. If I disable data I want disabled data...

Thanks in advance.
I noticed the same on google the only permission I see are
  • Your personnal information
  • Services that cost you money
  • Your location
  • Network communication
  • Your account
  • Storage
  • Phone calls
  • Hardware control
  • System tools
I am not sure that any application have the rights to open the data and not ask for using it...
the worst is the data remains open after closing the apps.

I don't know what you mean by diacritics...

Sorry to ask but what is the point to hide a list of contact on your phone, actually that could be good feature to hide a group...
thanks for the answers.
1. I've solved this problem with the APNdroid application. It seems to work...
2. I mean special non-english characters like "ěščřžýáí" which should be replaced with "escrzyai" before the sms is sent. Yes, I could write the sms without these symbols, but I like to use the SlideIT which is much faster, but it's dictionary contains just the "correct" words with diacritics...
3. I would like to hide some contact groups because I like to have these contacts stored at google contacts, but I use them rarely. So I don't want them in the phone...