3G issues with Mi A1 and Orange sim card


Sep 3, 2018
Hello everyone,

I have some issues with Orange network in France (but not only) and the Mi A1. I can't tell when they started but I'm pretty sure it worked fine on January 2018 when I purchased it.

I already performed a factory reset.
I also tested with another Mi A1 I bought to my father.
I also requested a new Orange sim card.
So these issues are not related to my specific device, sim card or configuration.

Everything works fine in 4G with LTE. The issues are only related to 3G signals (UMTS, HSPA, HSPAP).
For that, I set my phone in "3G preferred network type".

Because I'm living next to Switzerland, I am able to do more tests with a Swisscom sim card and swiss networks.

Here are my results. You will find the screenshots in attachments. Of course disconnected implies no internet access.

1/ With the Orange Sim card:
- Orange network / HSPA data network type : Disconnected
- Swisscom network / UMTS data network type : Disconnected
- Sunrise network / HSPAP data network type : Connected

2/ With the Swisscom Sim card:
- Orange network / HSPA data network type : Connected
- Swisscom network / HSPAP data network type : Connected

As seen, the phone works fine with the Swisscom sim card. It also works fine with Bouygues (another French provider) sim card.
The tests clearly show that the issues is related to the couple Mi A1 and Orange sim card.

Do you have any clue about what's happening here ?

PS : Orange support does not want to understand the problem and escalates it to technical experts. Moreover, the Mi A1 only starts to be sold in France, so it does not help.


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