A few questions before changing to xiaomi.eu rom


Jul 18, 2021

I'm from germany and I want to change from CN rom to xiaomi.eu rom.
I bought my Mi11 Ultra in China and use it since June with stock rom.
But I've got two problems with CN rom. Since 12.5.4 the Alexa app and since 12.5.10 the HP Smart app (for my printer) stopped working. So it seems more and more apps will follow and I decide to change from stock rom to xiaomi.eu.

But before installing it I've got a few questions.

Do you know wether this two apps working with xiaomi.eu rom?
Maybe someone here use this apps, too.

If I'll use the weekly rom and forgot or I'm not able to update one or more times, is it possible to update to a later version without problems? Or is it necessary to update each week?

What about banking apps and paying with NFC? Is it possible to use it?

Until the update to 12.5.10 GPS was not working, when the language was not set to english and the phone freezes and reboots.
Is this also fixed in xiaomi.eu rom or needs the language set to english to use GPS?

I hope someone here could help me with my questions.