Sep 24, 2011
Hi anyone help me. How can I fix my external memory card problem. It can't show in phone.

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Sounds like it is corrupt. Do you have a card reader so you can plug it into the computer to see if your computer sees it? If not, if you boot into recovery can you mount it usb and try to have computer see it?

If the computer sees it, I would reformat it. Gparted or Mini Partition Wizard work in windows.
When I use miui version then not show in place of A2SD+.a massage show device not supported A2SD+.Is miui support external SD. Or need any other sitting for this.

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Did you try anything cyberstoic suggested???? Results?????

a2sd is built into MIUI. Just reboot after flashing rom and if needed run a2sd commands. Do this before restoring apps.

Also, did you wipe everything including System before flashing rom. Assume you are coming from another rom.

Depending on recovery you could run repair sd card.

If possible, find a way to mount and bu sd card so you don't lose anything.

Otherwise, reformat and repartition--1gb ext3 0 swap