Nov 29, 2010
Hey. I'm very new to the scene, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I have HTC desire and i really want to use a2sd+. I've partitioned my SD card using ROM manager to have a 512 ext partition, and under settings it displays that I still have ~400mb of a2sd+ storage remaining, however, i'm still getting that pesky low on space notification and failure to install apps.

Help? :)
1) Get Android Terminal Emulator from Market
2) Start it
3) type su
4) type a2sd cachesd
5) Desire reboots
Thanks heaps :) seems to be working well so far, ill return if i run in to any more problems.
What does this save and run apps from SD cards? Can any device run this, I remember seeing this option somewhere?...

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It's basically moving entire applications to the SD card to save precious internal memory on your phone. (At least, I believe that's what it is)
a2sd not available

When I check the SD storage, a2sd+ is unavailable. is there a setting that i am missing to get it turned on?
Having same problem, I had partiton sd card previously but in settings it shows 0 available and free, when I check thru terminal tells me it's partitioned but not mounted. How do I mount a2sd+?

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Make sure you have the card partition the right way (ext3, best is to use ROM manager)
Try to run in terminal the following codes to reinstall a2sd:
a2sd reinstall