Ability to record 4k60fps or 8k24fps


Apr 2, 2022
I'd like to know if there s any possibility to record 4k60 or 8k24fps on this phone.

My previous phone (redmi note 4x) could record 4k60fps easily , and it had less than half the processing power and was a LOT older.
I had the popular omnirom custom rom installed + googlecamera 8.1 installed that allowed me to do 4k60.

On this phone with miui + *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* the app crashes on 4k60 and the default miuicamera only allowes 4k30fps no stabilisation.

The camera clearly haves the resolutiton needed to record ATLEAST 4k60fps , so why can't it do so and my old redmi note 4 could ?