About Chrome to Phone


Mar 13, 2011
Hi everbody,

I am on Nexus S and I dont know if it is MIUI related but its been over 2 weeks and my chrome to phone application gives me an unable to connect error whenever i try... Anybody else got this issue?

thanks for your reply "Jonno2k".. i will try this friday again, hope this time it will work. because i really dont know what i am missing right now.. i did a full wipe and fresh install still doesnt work and everthing else seems to work normal..
Not working on my Captivate. It hasn't worked for like you said about 2 weeks now. Its not MIUI related as I have ran Serendipity 7, Apex 7.2, CM7 and MIUI and it hasn't worked on any of them..

Whenever I try and connect it says unable to connect. I see others have made comments on the market for it as well saying they are having the same problem.