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Additional Mods Request

Discussion in 'MIUI Mods' started by DagegenZA, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. DagegenZA

    DagegenZA Members

    Trophy Points:
    Howzit devs. Well done on the awesome ROM that you have made.

    I have two requests if you can add it to the ROM
    1: To remove the search bar from the notification area.
    2: Infinite Home screen scrolling.
  2. vinothManikkam

    vinothManikkam Members

    Trophy Points:
    Also plz add manual focus and Exposure camera mode .. to all mi device ..
    and make viper4android ui material like mokee rom viper thats expert ui and awesome ...
  3. sevda

    sevda Members

    Trophy Points:
    One finger swipe down to see WhatsApp messages preview, full functionality on mi remote (satellite receiver and lights missing in 5.2.7), landscape in panorama and endless loop on desktop will make the ROM unique!
  4. TeyTers

    TeyTers Members

    Trophy Points:
    Vertical 3D Scrolling for recent-window.
  5. sevda

    sevda Members

    Trophy Points:
    Horizontal swipe for all shortcuts. Not some apps and "more" button for the rest to reorder.
  6. mieu12

    mieu12 Members

    Trophy Points:
    Dear EU development team , is it possible to have 3minit battery mod settings incorporated in Rom ?
  7. vladpaul

    vladpaul Members

    Trophy Points:
    1. Install search bar hidder.mtz
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