After Update A Lot Of Apps Start In Background

Aug 6, 2016
I have Redmi 4 Pro. I updated from MIUI 8.5 to After that a lot of apps started opening in background and showing me notifications and eating my RAM. All of these apps have autostart turned off.
Some of them are Telegram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Reddit reader (Bacon reader), quick pic and more.
Also after update I have Google app that I can't turn off.
What's funny with bacon reader is that only it's cloned version starts in background and normal one doesn't, which means that it could be a bug?

I understand that some of them require working in background to do some tasks, but I don't want it! I open them when I need, which is VERY RARELY and I want them to sync only then. In previous system version they did not start in background after I taskkilled them. And now I closed them and after some time they are back and running.

How to prevent apps from randomly starting in background??