Android System Draining My Battery


Aug 14, 2019
I'm having a huge issue with battery drain, tried the lineage os, miui, and pixel experience and the results are about the same using the four roms, did a full wipe using TWRP, tried factory reset, disabled all the usual stuff that makes the battery drain quicker but my battery is still dying really fast.

If I turn off the phone and charge, it will charge lighint fast, like it used too, but if I try to charge while the phone is on, it charges really slowly.

I'm not quite sure if this is related, but I dropped my phone on the ground and a small rock cracked and broke my fingerprint sensor. I'm thinking that maybe this could be the reason, since my battery has been draining since that week, I believe.

I'm going to attach screenshots from Ampere and BBS that I took while using earlier this week.