Any Bugs In The Stable Roms?

Jan 5, 2016
- music player doesn't scan if you copy offline music on the phone after a while (you have lets say 500 tracks in the music player, but you have 600 on the device).

- no matter what name you give to the "1" , "2" sim card they don't update up in the statusbar.

- ongoing skype call is crashing every 30 minutes (which corresponds to the battery handling inbuilt crapware's 30 minute clear memory timing, hence i changed the profile, locked the app in the recents window, set the battery setting to leave skype alone with those fancy battery saving settings and gave autostart "permission". ) same goes to allcast, showbox and pretty much every app which is streaming something (voice, video)

fyi i'm already fed up with the uninstall reinstall clear cache data wipe and co. stuff so ty if you dont give me answers like that.

i dont understand these type of bugs, they work in the previous version, then in the next version you dont see anything related to this stuff in the changelog (so the devs might broke while trying to fix something) and there you go something breaks ... funny
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