APN problem


Jan 4, 2011

My hTC Desire is on MIUI 1.1.7 and I can only connect to 2G network. The big problem is that if 3G or H is available, I won't be able to connect at all!
I can connect once but never twice without rebooting.
"Only 2G network" isn't activated. In a 3G area, I can connect 2G if "Only 2G network" is activated but if it isn't activated then no data available at all.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.
Well sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... After a reboot it always works.
Am I the only one to come across this problem?
Try to reflash 1.1.7 or a version where it did work.

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I'm experiencing the exact same thing.
It's really frustrating and I don't get why its started happening suddenly.
I also get the same problem.

only a reset to factory settings, it worked again.

I hope this is fixed soon.