Auto Brightness - Always Dim


Nov 23, 2010
auto brightness never seems to adjust itself. i could go from a well lit room to dark, and the screen always seems to be on the lowest setting. the only time it even adjusted to a normal brightness was after a reboot from loading a theme.
You're right... My auto brightness also drops to a crazy low level and does not adjust to surroundings. And to test it, I will poing the light sensor towards a lamp, or cover the sesnor with a finger, and it still doesn't adjust. Any ideas what needs to be tweaked to get it working?
Mine seems to go back and forth. Usually, it's fine, but sometimes when my phone reboots, it will stay on the brightest possible setting. I had the "too dim" problem on 11.05 (or was it 11.12?), and it was fine for the next release or two, and like I said, 11.26 is mostly fine for me, but sometimes acts weird (like right now, I'm in complete darkness, but auto bright is at the brightest setting).
mine works well. goes from dim to high when I switch on. its a bit slow though, especially when the screen has been off for a while. ciao
mine works fairly well now in 11.26 but the cutoff for the lowest brightness still seems to be too high just like CM on incredible. all other levels are great for me.