New Automatic Backup & restore not working


Mar 30, 2012
SGS2 running MIUI 2.4.13

The automatic backup & restore feature (introduced in Froyo) is supposed to backup your apps, app data, settings and wi-fi passwords to Google and restore them automatically if you wipe or upgrade to a new android device. On MIUI it would have the added benefit that you would not need to backup your apps with Titanium Backup but get all your save games and other app data restored after flashing MIUI for the first time.

But this feature does not work in MIUI. If you go to Settings -> Backup & Reset you see this:


Back up my data is enabled, but you cannot set an account to backup to. On stock ICS firmware you can select your Google account as your Backup Account to make it work, but as you can see it is greyed out and cannot be changed.